Micro Farming

Starting Poultry With a Single Breed

Starting With a Single Breed

Does the art of raising chickens call to you! Is poultry what you are passionate about? Is breeding chickens what brings you joy! The best way to start raising hobby poultry is to start with a single breed and become familiar with that breed. There are certain traits that each …

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Sand as a Coop Bedding: How to Keep Your Coop Dry and Clean

River sand or builders sand makes a great chicken coop bedding.

There are many different kinds of bedding for the floors of backyard chicken coops, runs, and enclosures. Chickens love to walk around on the earth to scratch around and feel the real ground beneath their feet.  River sand offers these luxuries but it also helps deter insects, smells better, and …

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Golden Egg Yolks

Healthy egg yolks are golden

Influential Color in Eggs The old adage of you are what you eat makes true for poultry too.  The yolk color is often the most notable difference in eggs coloration.   The egg yolk color can be influenced to a degree by the diet of the birds.  Free-range birds that are …

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European Egg Supply Recalled For Use of Illegal Chemicals in Production

Eggs recalled over fipronil contamination.

Contaminated egg recalls in Germany, Belgium, and Netherlands have retailers removing contaminated eggs from the shelves. A criminal investigation has been launched.  Testing has shown high levels of the unapproved insecticide fipronil. Organic eggs are even at the center of the now scandal. Fipronil, an illegal insecticide, was mixed with treatments …

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Meet the New Blue Egg Laying Whiting True Blue Chicken

Blue Egg Laying Whiting True Blue Chicken Breed

The Whiting True Blue chicken is a relatively new blue egg laying breed that has become more readily available through McMurray Hatchery. The ideal would be to have blue chickens that lay blue eggs, but with the genetics of the blue gene in chicken, they will throw 25% black, 50% …

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Therapy Chickens for Mascha the Lemur

Mascha and her Chicken Friends

Chicken Friends in the Wilhelma Zoo Stuttgart German Mascha, a lemur in the Stuttgart Wilhelma zoo had become lethargic in 2012 after the loss of her partner. The pair did not have any offspring unfortunately.  The zoo made an attempt to associate Mascha with monkeys but the attempt failed.  She quit …

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Backyard Chickens for City Coops

Delaware from Kathy Bonham.

Choose the Right Backyard Chickens The city has many challenges for keeping backyard chickens. Noise, space, time, and lifestyles are but a few factors to take into account for keeping backyard chickens. Chickens come in many breeds, some more suited for backyard chickens than others. Chickens come in all kinds …

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Keep Your Bedding Dry to Reduce Odor

Chicken on wet ground

Keep Your Bedding Dry Several large flies swarm around Esther’s face as she walks us to her backyard chicken coop.  Turning to us, one lands in the corner of her eye and she brushes it away.  Her yard looks clean and tidy but the wet bedding and swarms of flies …

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Green Roof for the Coop?

Green roof for chicken coop?

Green Roof Ideas for Your Coop Previously I’d talked about seeing the double shed roof in areas that get hot, particularly in the American South and Southwest. The purpose of them is to act in a way that draws heat out between the two layers by using rising heat to …

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You Won’t Believe This Chickens Talent

Chicken learning a task

I played Tic Tac Toe with a chicken, and lost. Several times. We were traveling through Cherokee, North Carolina as a kid and stopped somewhere to take a break. Of course tourist attractions were everywhere but how’s a 10 year old kid supposed to resist playing Tic Tac Toe with …

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Building a Better Columbian

Columbian chicken

Building a Better Columbian by Danny Feathers In this process of fixing the Colombian color, bone structure, and putting the correct feather on them to be more competitive with the whites, we’ve added whites into them. I’ve seen some really bad wings and color overall. Believe me, this is a …

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Why are Some Chickens Skin and Fat Yellow?

Why is chicken skin yellow

Yellow Chicken Skin and Fat Color Affects Our Sensories Color plays an important part in determining what foods we find enticing and delectable to our appetite.  Our sensories can affect how healthy we see foods also.  Chicken with yellow skin is often seen as a sign of healthy food and good quality …

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KFC Gives Away Scented Sunscreen

KFC Fried Chicken Scented Sunscreen

Kentucky Fried Chicken gave away 3000 bottles of, get this, FRIED CHICKEN SCENTED Sunscreen.  Now you can do your coop errands out in the sun if need be and be protected from the sun.  All while smelling like fried chicken.  Perhaps the flock will take notice of the crispy fried …

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Sex in the Biddy

It’s long been said that a chick has a 50/50 chance of being a cockerel or a pullet.  Most normal hatches are close to 50 percent one way or the other.  Murphy’s Law says that whatever sex you are trying for will be the lowest percentage though.  There’s not a …

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