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Breeding and the science and process behind it.

Starting Poultry With a Single Breed

Starting With a Single Breed

Does the art of raising chickens call to you! Is poultry what you are passionate about? Is breeding chickens what brings you joy! The best way to start raising hobby poultry is to start with a single breed and become familiar with that breed. There are certain traits that each …

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Building a Better Columbian

Columbian chicken

Building a Better Columbian by Danny Feathers In this process of fixing the Colombian color, bone structure, and putting the correct feather on them to be more competitive with the whites, we’ve added whites into them. I’ve seen some really bad wings and color overall. Believe me, this is a …

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Sex in the Biddy

It’s long been said that a chick has a 50/50 chance of being a cockerel or a pullet.  Most normal hatches are close to 50 percent one way or the other.  Murphy’s Law says that whatever sex you are trying for will be the lowest percentage though.  There’s not a …

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Looking at Your Bottom Line in Show Chickens

Danny Feathers Lower Lines

I’d like to go over a part of the chicken that I feel is the most important line on any bird. Everyone including a lot of judges get carried away with top lines of birds, they never see the bottom line of the bird.  The bottom line of your bird …

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Low Wing Chicken Genetics

Low Wings Everyone can tell when a males wings are low. This can be caused by several different reasons. There could be females around and he is flirting with them, or there could be another male around and he’s showing a little aggression.  These other birds may or may not be …

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The Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch

We raise only standard bred poultry on our farm.   It is what some people are now calling heritage poultry.   All our breeders are certified by the American Poultry Association that they meet the standards of the breeds we sell. There are now a number of groups selling heritage poultry that …

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Perfect Show Poultry Improvement

White Plymouth Rock Show

Breeding Corner with Danny Feathers Nearly perfect show poultry like this white Leghorn doesn’t come around very often , it makes you really appreciate them a lot. There’s been a lot of nice comments about it in the show poultry hobby, but there’s still room for improvement. I’ve been working a little with …

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Diversify Your Poultry Stock for Breeding

This is a young cockerel, some will say he’s a little too long for a Plymouth rock. I try to keep an assortment of different breeding features on the chicken farm. There are times that you have females that are really nice but maybe a tad short for showing. This …

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Plymouth Rock Example for Breeding not Showing

Most will not like this bird for a show male. However this bird will produce outstanding females because he has incredible bone structure and skull width . He is wide between the legs and wide down the back. Great feather quality can be seen and he is really strong when …

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Leghorn Comb Critique

I like the shape of his points, he has a slight curve to the back of his comb. There is good lobe shape, but I would like it a bit more smooth.  Small steps and it will all come together. – Danny Feathers  

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