Building a Better Columbian

Building a Better Columbian by Danny Feathers In this process of fixing the Colombian color, bone structure, and putting the correct feather on them to be more competitive with the whites, we've added whites into them. I've seen some really bad wings and color overall. Believe me, this is a … Continue reading

Sex in the Biddy

It's long been said that a chick has a 50/50 chance of being a cockerel or a pullet.  Most normal hatches are close to 50 percent one way or the other.  Murphy's Law says that whatever sex you are trying for will be the lowest percentage though.  There's not a whole lot that can be done about … Continue reading

Frank Reese on Hybrid Poultry

If you wondering why I go on about the chickens and turkeys being hybrid I will try and explain.   In todays world people worry about GMOs and their effect on what we eat and the farmers ability to save seed and reproduce their own crops.  Before GMOs we had hybrid seed which also would stop … Continue reading

Chocolate Color Genes

Chocolate Color Genes Explained in Poultry I just recently came home from the second Crossroads of America Poultry show which had 10,276 birds shown.  While I was there I noticed that there were Chocolate OEGB and Polish and I was lucky enough to be getting some Chocolate Orpingtons. I was … Continue reading