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Health is one of the most important aspects of keeping your flock.

European Egg Supply Recalled For Use of Illegal Chemicals in Production

Eggs recalled over fipronil contamination.

Contaminated egg recalls in Germany, Belgium, and Netherlands have retailers removing contaminated eggs from the shelves. A criminal investigation has been launched.  Testing has shown high levels of the unapproved insecticide fipronil. Organic eggs are even at the center of the now scandal. Fipronil, an illegal insecticide, was mixed with treatments …

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Therapy Chickens for Mascha the Lemur

Mascha and her Chicken Friends

Chicken Friends in the Wilhelma Zoo Stuttgart German Mascha, a lemur in the Stuttgart Wilhelma zoo had become lethargic in 2012 after the loss of her partner. The pair did not have any offspring unfortunately.  The zoo made an attempt to associate Mascha with monkeys but the attempt failed.  She quit …

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More Bird Flu Cases in Indiana

Around 400,000 turkeys and chickens will be euthanized in 10 Indiana poultry farms.  More than 150,000 chickens have been ordered destroyed because they are in the same area as the infected turkeys.   In addition to destroying nearly half a million birds, a six mile zone has been established to try …

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Chicken Fueled Early Greens

Cold Frame Greens

Chicken Fueled Early Greens Here is the greens patch we grow a lot of micro greens and smaller leaf greens in. We have two of these made with scrap lumber and a polypropylene corrugated top. The top will lift back on those warmer days so that they don’t get overheated. …

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